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Since our OS runs on a totally unGoogled Android, you can still run your favourite apps…, conveniently access your bank accounts, chat with your friends, play your favourite games….

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I am impressed! It is a vibrant growing community of entrepreneurs, developers and vibrant growing international community. It turns out that every OnePlus model, except the original OnePlus One, has an application called "Engineer Mode" buried in its operating system.

T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro gets Android 10 updates; May take some time to hit all units

The app appears to be a development and factory testing tool, and can be used for things like GPS checks and hardware scans. These types of tools are common, but are generally disabled or removed before devices ship to consumers; otherwise their power and operating system privilege could be abused. In this case, while Engineer Mode isn't immediately accessible from the user interface, it doesn't take that much software probing to access it, and from there some simple commands could give an attacker root access to almost any OnePlus.

The tool is a customized version of a Qualcomm app that contains the backdoor, protected with a hard-coded password.

T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro gets Android 10 updates; May take some time to hit all units

In theory, this kind of app must be removed from the final release," says Robert Baptiste, the firmware analysis researcher who discovered the flaw. So sometimes—often—companies decide to keep this app.

Security by obscurity is a common practice. OnePlus has sold millions of smartphones, and most of them are currently threatened by Engineer Mode.

One plus owners can go to Settings , then Show System apps to check whether Engineer Mode is installed, and then delete it. The tool can give an attacker total power over a device, but it also has real limitations. Of course, you may also want to do smartphone-type things such as email and web browsing.

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    • The problem is that most people — including me — want to use Googly things on their phones. Gmail is the dominant email service, YouTube is the dominant short video provider, Google Search and Google Maps are very useful and Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser. There may be viable and sometimes preferable alternatives but you have to make an effort to use them. Indeed, it looks as though the next generation of candy-bar phones will also include Google.

      Kai is named from the Chinese word for open , not the undead protagonist in the Lexx science fiction series.

      What to do if alarms or sleep tracking don’t work?

      It could also pre-package access to some Google properties, even if they are just web apps, because most people want to use them. The fact that we have, essentially, a duopoly in the smartphone business is not for want of trying. Microsoft entered the market with a version of Windows running on ARM-based smartphones and it even made Windows available free on small-screen devices.

      However, the lack of apps was a major stumbling block and Microsoft abandoned its challenge, having lost billions of dollars in the attempt. You can still buy Windows phones but most date from and will soon be out of support. Canonical also had a go at the smartphone market with its Linux-based Ubuntu Touch. It failed. In this case, the development was taken over by the UBports Community , which developed a port for the OnePlus One smartphone in Samsung tried with Tizen, which was supported by the Linux Foundation.

      The latest version uses a graphical shell from Jolla , the Finnish company that appears to be its major backer.