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Do the following: Click Smart Lock for passwords and make sure it is off. Google cannot be trusted with your passwords. Click Location. Make sure it is off.

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Click Security. Turn everything off. There are better ways to handle everything in this section without giving Google the keys to your phone.

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Turn off Back up my data. Do your own backups. As I said before. Google cannot be trusted with that data. Apps Here are the apps I recommend.

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Learn about each of these apps yourself. Most, if not all, of these are available in the Play Store. If not, do a search. There may be better apps than these. These are the ones I use. I would be interested in hearing about what someone thinks is better. Block Mic — blocks the microphone from being used by any app except the stock phone app.

Even then, it alerts you when the microphone is activated. I turn it on and only turn it off when I need the mic to record sound for a video or recording. Then I turn it back on. Camera Blocker — does the same thing for the camera. Cell Spy Catcher B — monitors and learns the local cell towers and alerts you if there is a strange tower. This helps alert you to the possibility of Stingrays or other cell-site simulators used by government agents and hackers to capture mobile traffic. Encryptr — a zero-knowledge, end-to-end encrypted password vault that syncs between platforms. Use it to create and store strong passwords for all of your accounts.

You can install it on your phone and computers and whatever you save will be accessible on all of your devices. Lookout — an antivirus scanner. It replaces the Google feature you turned off earlier to help identify apps that are designed to install malware on your phone. Brave browser — a browser that does not track you. It blocks ads and provides greater security. Orbot and Orfox — install both of these and use them together to encrypt and anonymize your mobile traffic. Research the Tor network to make sure you are using this properly. Secure Wipe — clears the unused space on your phone to destroy traces of things you have deleted.

Signal — encrypted texts and calls between Signal users. It can completely replace your text app. If you text someone who does not use Signal, the text will not be encrypted and will only have one checkmark. If you text another Signal user, it will encrypt and show two checkmarks. It does not replace the stock dialer, but you can call from it. If the other person uses Signal, the call will go over data instead of voice and will be encrypted. ProtonMail — Goodbye Gmail. This service offers 2GB storage for free and can be used by the app on your phone or on your computer over the Web.

It offers end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption for your e-mail. This means that ProtonMail cannot see your data and does not know your passphrase. You will set up two passphrases. One logs you into your account ProtonMail knows this passphrase. The other logs you into your mailbox ProtonMail does not know this passphrase.

The app can be protected by a PIN and if too many attempts are made, it reverts to the passphrase.

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You can even send encrypted e-mails to non-ProtonMail users by password protecting the e-mail. The other person would enter the password for that message and be able to reply with an encrypted e-mail There are other things I could suggest if there is sufficient interest. I hope this is helpful to some in this community.

Because where privacy and liberty are concerned, Never Settle! Last edited: Apr 11, H , Eduardo G. Oreo Jan 23, Sun90 and cmitchellshaw like this. Gingerbread Jan 24, I know your intent to use Lookout solely as a virus detecting app, but for those that will rely on it to find your lost or stolen phone, then you will either have to enable location because without it Lookout won't be able to locate it. KitKat Jan 24, If we did all that you suggest we take a smartphone and turn it into an expensive dumb phone, everything in life is a trade off including security and privacy.

We have to fund a balance between what we want and what it "costs". I do have concerns though about suggesting apps such as lookout.


All apps like that do is generally cause problems. Why the weather's app, need to have contacts rights?

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And guess what? Both doze switch on For the apps you had mention, i don't trust them for privacy or drain battery, I prefer not use of those kinds. Last edited: Jan 24, Cupcake Jan 24, SamiDutch , Jan 24, : This is quite good to read through and a complete eye opener. Donut Jan 24, Cupcake Feb 14, SevenG , Feb 14, : I'm currently running Lineage specifically to add Privacy Guard to all those other controls you have in place, as well as sourcing things from F-Droid when practical. Are you running OOS? Are there any apps left that give that level of granular control? I am getting frustrated with the camera stability I can live with the quality and shutter lag in Lineage, and thinking about going back to stock after only three days with this thing.

KitKat Feb 14, Cupcake Feb 15, SevenG , Feb 15, : Right, but if I use Android to block, say, location data, the app is aware and can chose not to function. I also have to go back in to the permissions for said app to adjust it. PG lets me always allow, silently block, or ask every time.

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The latter is useful for the few occasions where I may want to use my camera to video chat, but not always have the camera available to that app. KitKat Feb 15, Eclair Feb 15, For information about specific models, you could check our Compatibility page. Above all, we bring updates to our apps sooner than anyone else. We have also been the first ones to come up with Android Oreo 8. Our mobile surveillance software for Android works with both Android phones and tablets. You can download Xnspy on any tablet running Android 4.