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Instagram on iPhones gets ‘Dark Mode’, here’s how to enable

Highest to Lowest Rating. This is the first cellphone I've ever owned that I can hear the caller without using earphones! Finally, a phone that's actually useful as a phone! And the battery life is great.

I used to keep my phone connected to power whenever possible or it would die at some point in the day. With this phone I read more. Yes, I'd recommend this product. Was this review helpful?

Download Instagram (Free) for iPhone OS

Yes No This is my 1st iPhone, I currently had an android device. I must say that I am impressed with the device and it is not hard to learn. I am still learning the features of the device but I will say I am a happy iPhone user. This new iPhone is great , and well worth the money. This phone last about two days or read more. If you are looking for something new and exciting, this isn't it if you already have the X series. However, if you are looking for a phone that improves on the last 2 releases, this is a great upgrade.

I upgraded my Xs for the battery life of this new phone. My previous device battery life was ho read more. Been an iPhone user since the 5. The processor on this phone is faster than all its predecessors. The screen is definitely more appealing to look at coming from a retina display on an iPhone XR. I would advise against getting any of Apple's budget phones.

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If you have the money, buy the flagships. I read more.

The new IPhone 11 Pro is exciting user friendly phone. Love the face recognition and the smooth swiping action rather than the button on my old iPhone 8 Plus. Love all the great improvements Apple has made. Luv my upgrade! I've had my new iPhone 11 Pro for about 2 weeks now upgrading from an iPhone 7 plus.

The failing battery on the iPhone 7 prompted my switch, and I am happy to report that the battery on my iPhone 11 Pro is beyond amazing! In reading some of the reviews I was struck by some one star reviews. In no way can I imagine someone fairly giving this phone a one star rating. Yes it is heavy, but in a way that says that the phone is solid and well made, even if there are other well made phones out there that are lighter. As for read more. Purchased iphone 11 pro and disappointed with the speakerphone quality. Use the speakerphone on my previous Samsung device for many calls, and similarly planned to utilize while using the new iPhone 11 as well.

Having major quality issues with echo experienced from the other party on the line.

Home is where your timeline lives, and if you tap the comments button you can use Scribble, emoji or the built-in, gesture-based keyboard to write a message. It adds an extra function to the Watch too. As with the Apple app, you can remote control the iPhone or iPad camera, turn the flash on or off, use a countdown timer and switch between the front and rear cameras.

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But where the Apple app offers the ability to turn Live Photos on or off, Camera Plus gives you the option to switch between photo and video. Going forward, you can turn dark mode on or off by viewing the Control Center swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen and tap on the dark mode icon. The number of apps that support dark mode continues to grow. If you search the App Store for "dark mode" you'll find a list of Apple-curated apps , along with apps that have "dark" in their name.

While Apple's list is helpful, it's still rather limited.

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Here are some of my favorite apps that support iOS 13's dark mode. This calendar app , which integrates iCloud calendar and reminders into one easy-to-read interface, comes with a dark mode. Twitter's dark mode looks pretty darn good. Turn on Use device setting for automatic switching along with your iPhone or iPad's mode.

The best Apple Watch apps we've used in 2020

You can change just how dark the theme is by selecting Night theme and selecting your personal preference. When you're browsing through your library, or looking for new books, the Apple Books app will use the system setting for light or dark mode. Once you open a book, however, you'll need to adjust it on your own. Reading a book on a light background at night is hard on your eyes, so Apple's Books app has a few different color options including a dark mode.

When reading a book, tap on the "Aa" icon, then select the color to the far right. You can also adjust the brightness, or enable auto-night theme if you'd rather let your iPhone or iPad handle it for you. Slack rolled out its dark mode a while back, and now it's tied directly to your system settings. There isn't even a setting in the app for you to turn it on or off.