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One such brand is Xiaomi.

Ever since its was first introduced in India, the mobile company has definitely earned a somewhat distinguished place in the mobile industry. Affordability has been the constant mantra of the Chinese company. Availability of Xiaomi smartphone via flash sales initially further maintains the buzz around the brand.

The firm recently launched Redmi 7 in India, a month after it was first introduced in China. The design comes with Lunar Red and Comet Blue colour variants of the phone. Further, the handset feature a glossy plastic body, which is an upgrade from the Redmi 6. Interestingly, the edges of the device has matte plastic frame unlike the glossy back. This feels strange while holding the phone.

The back of the device gets dirty too easily. One has to frequently rub off the dust and other tiny particles that stick to its glossy panel. Its front is no smudge free from fingerprints marks. Rate Device Review Device. Characters Remaining: MIUI is back in full force here, and while it has never really been my cup of tea, it has actually become so bloated that it holds back the device in certain ways. Back when fellow XDA writer Idrees Patel reviewed the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro , he complained about the way the device, despite being a decent performer, suffered from frequent issues with stuttering and janky animations, which made the overall UI experience less than perfect.

It even froze on me once after pulling down the notification shade while checking out my Instagram stories, requiring me to force a reboot.

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So if you do come across with unbearable lag, maybe that would be an option to consider. All factors considered, it is a pretty capable shooter for such an entry-level, budget smartphone, and it actually translates to decent pictures in some situations. Opening up the MIUI camera, we find ourselves with options for photos, video recording, short video up to 15 seconds recording as well as a pro mode, something which Xiaomi includes in the entirety of its smartphone lineup.

There is no portrait mode for the rear camera, which seemed interesting to me given how MIUI 10 is supposed to have, at least, an AI-based portrait mode on every phone it supports, but the front-facing camera does have an AI-powered portrait mode. As for the actual picture quality, the 12MP rear sensor does provide decent enough quality for most use cases you may think about.

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In some cases, I was even impressed by the amount of detail captured. Nothing award-winning, of course, but definitely workable. Pictures in broad daylight come out with a decent amount of detail and decent exposure most of the time. Colors can come off kind of dull sometimes, but most of the time, they are pretty accurate as well. Certain artifacts, like lens flares, also tend to show up sometimes. However, pictures by this stage are also decent and usable.

When it comes to low-light pictures, the Redmi 7A delivers less than stellar performance.

Noise reduction starts taking away details even at close distances. Low-light pictures with the Redmi 7A turn out looking muddy and cloudy.

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The front-facing camera is a simple 5MP sensor, which is pretty average in quality and will allow you to snap decent selfies and capture your memories with relative ease. Colors look as accurate as they go, and details are retained decently.

What are the Redmi 7A specs?

Exposure works fine as well. The front-facing camera we get here is not amazing, but it will get the job done most of the time. Selfies taken with the Redmi 7A. As I said before, the front-facing sensor, unlike the rear camera, does have portrait mode. Overall, the camera seems decent enough if you are not looking for amazing shots every time, but it starts showing noticeable issues with trickier lighting situations.

Unfortunately, though, the battery was not one of the aspects I managed to explore in-depth. The Redmi 7A features a 4, mAh battery. That, by itself, might not blow you off your seat given how bigger batteries are increasingly becoming more common across all smartphone ranges. All of these factors are combined to make this phone, at least on paper, a boon for battery life.

As an experiment, I tried to see how long it could go in a single charge, and I got to 4 days and 16 hours of idle time and 6 hours of screen-on time, bringing the grand total to almost 5 days in a single charge with semi-frequent usage taking pictures, shooting video, testing apps, etc. But in my opinion, this phone is a serious contender for the new king of battery life, not only in the entry-level range but in other categories as well.

It is really, really good, and it has a lot of potential I want to explore more in-depth later on. MIUI invites polarizing opinions — you either love it, or you outright hate it. From the way notifications behave, to the recents menu and the way the system behaves and interacts with other apps, in my opinion, it can come off as an entirely different operating system for some people. MIUI is consistent across Xiaomi devices for the most part; so if you are migrating from an earlier Xiaomi device, this will be familiar territory.

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Credit where credit is due: MIUI does have several things going for it. Except that, instead of doing it silently, you get a full-screen pop-up which makes a largely pointless feature get even more annoying and in-your-face and, yes, gives MIUI an opportunity to display an ad.

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I am an Android purist myself, and so other people will be liking it better than I do. And yes, MIUI does have potential and positive aspects to go with, but bloatware and ads might spoil the whole experience for some. People buy these phones for many different reasons, one of them being that cheaper phones are often perceived as inferior. The Redmi 7A is proof that cheap phones can be good too. Yes, the Redmi 7A does have its own limitations and compromises. Want more posts like this delivered to your inbox? Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

Diehard technology enthusiast, and an Android purist by nature.

Redmi 7A review: Great smartphone experience for feature phone users

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