Alice and the Eight Princesses

Come join STAGE for its first musical auditions of the year: ALICE AND THE EIGHT PRINCESSES. You never know what you will find when you step through the looking glass.

One girl is lost wandering through an unknown land. One king is faced with the mystery of his disappearing daughters. One prince attempts to win the hand of his love or it's off with his head. One hatter is just plain mad. A cast of unlikely characters is faced with deception, unrequited love, and... stolen pastry? They may even throw in a song or two. Who can solve the crazy mysteries of Alice and the Eight Princesses?

Casting Information

This event is only open for Cast, Crew, and Imagineers of the Walt Disney Company.

Casting will be made for numerous roles in this show. Musically, please prepare 16 bars unaccompanied (preferably a piece written before 1960, folk and classical songs encouraged). Also be prepared for a cold reading from the script. Please check in with a STAGE representative at the entrance to the lobby at least ten minutes prior to the event.

For casting information, please contact