Gaslight Auditions

STAGE is excited to announce open auditions for our production of "Gaslight" by Patrick Hamilton.

Location: Town Hall Conference Room
Disney Springs Cast Services

Open auditions: Tuesday, August 28-Thursday, August 30 at 7:00 pm.

The Cast Services Building is located between the Speedway Gas Station and Team Disney, and directly across the street from the Orange Parking Garage. 

Please prepare 1-2 minute monologue or personal story that represents the most conflicted and deceived you have ever felt. This could be a published or original work. Also, come prepared to read from selections of the script. 

Auditions are open to Cast Members, Crew Members, and Imagineers of The Walt Disney Company. Please present your Disney ID when checking in for the audition. All participants must wear closed toed shoes.

Participation in a STAGE production is voluntary, and all roles are unpaid. 

Call backs will be held on Friday, August 31 at 7:00 pm.

Please note: Performance dates are still being finalized, but are anticipated to be mid to late October 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the director: Nicole McBee

Show synopsis:

A Broadway hit first produced on the West End and filmed twice, "Gaslight" tells the story of the Manninghams, who live on Angel Street in 19th century London. As the curtain rises, all appears to be the essence of Victorian tranquility. It is soon apparent, however, that Mr. Manningham, a suavely handsome man, is slowly driving his gentle, devoted wife, Bella, to the brink of insanity with an insinuating kindness that masks more sinister motives. While he is out, Mrs. Manningham has an unexpected caller: amiable, paternal Inspector Rough from Scotland Yard. Rough is convinced that Mr. Manningham is a homicidal maniac wanted for a murder committed fifteen years earlier in this very house. Gradually, the inspector restores Bella’s confidence in herself and, as the evidence against Manningham unfolds, the author has built and sustained some of the most brilliant, suspenseful sequences in modern theatre.

Character synopsis:
MR. MANNINGHAM - tall and good-looking, about 45. He is heavily moustached and bearded and perhaps a little too well dressed. His manner is suave and authoritative, with a touch of mystery and bitterness.
MRS. MANNINGHAM - about 34. She has been good-looking, almost a beauty - but now she has a haggard, wan, frightened air, with rings under her eyes, which tell of sleepless nights and worse.
ELIZABETH - a stout, amiable, subservient woman of 50.
NANCY - a self-conscious, pretty, cheeky girl of 19.
ROUGH - middle-aged - greying, short, wiry, active, brusque, friendly, overbearing. He has a low, warm chuckle and completely dominates the scene from the beginning.