Open Auditions: The Diary of Anne Frank

Stage Cast Club will be hosting open auditions for The Diary of Anne Frank. Auditions will be held at 7:00pm, March 10 through March 12 at Disney Springs Cast Services Town Hall Conference Room. Auditions are open to all current Cast, Crew, and Imagineers of The Walt Disney Company. Please be prepared to show your company ID upon arrival at the auditions.

For the audition, please prepare a one to two minute monologue of any genre of your choice. Please be comfortable in your monologue choice, as the casting team is looking for different personalities. Also, be prepared to participate in some improvisational activities. Headshots and resumes are not required, but will be accepted if provided. 

Character Descriptions:


Otto Frank: Anne and Margot Frank’s father. He is practical and kind. Anne feels a particular kinship to him. Otto is the only member of the family to survive the war, living until 1980.

Edith Frank: Anne and Margot Frank’s mother. In terms of her mothering skills, she is something of a disappointment to Anne. Anne feels little closeness with her mother and the two have a very tumultuous relationship. A peacemaker, Edith is the voice of reason during any fights in the annex.

Anne Frank: The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank. She is precocious, intelligent, charming and, even under the worst circumstances, funny. Over the course of the play, she grows from a spoiled, somewhat naïve young girl of thirteen to a self-aware young woman of fifteen.

Margot Frank: Anne Frank’s older sister. Quiet, humble and eager to please the adults. Margot often clashes with her sister, who is
considered talkative and rebellious. Others often hold her up as a model for Anne to emulate.


Mr. Van Daan: A German business associate of Mr. Frank. He arranges for his family to live with the Franks in the annex of their former establishment. Anne considers him to be an insufferable know-it-all.

Mrs. Van Daan: Mrs. Van Daan is vain and lacking in humility. She can be
petty, egotistical, and disagreeable. Mrs. Van Daan frequently complains about the situation. Anne finds her to be the most insufferable annex resident of them all.

Peter Van Daan: The Van Daan’s only son. Shy and awkward, he does not pique Anne’s attention until they have been living in the annex for almost two years. They develop a deep friendship that eventually leads to more.


Albert Dussel: An elderly dentist who is invited to share the Frank’s and Van Daan’s rooms in the annex. Anne finds Mr. Dussel particularly difficult to deal with because he shares a room with her. She suffers the brunt of his odd personal hygiene habits, long lectures and controlling tendencies. He can also be petty and small-minded.

Miep Gies: A brave Dutch woman who assists the annex residents with food, clothing, books and companionship. She cheerfully rounds up the things they need and is looked upon as a hero and savior for the group.

Mr. Kraler: A Dutch associate of Mr. Frank’s who helps with the arrangements for the living situation in the annex.