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Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review. Realme Narzo 10 price in India tipped to be under Rs 15, Redmi K30 Pro 5G price, camera and display details revealed online. Coronavirus: Hackers are using the pandemic to spread malware. Realme Narzo 10 series India launch on March Check specs, design. Home News WhatsApp discovers spyware attack via voice calling. WhatsApp discovers spyware attack via voice calling. WhatsApp said it has fixed the vulnerability that was discovered last month. According to WhatsApp, it suspects a relatively small number of users were targeted.

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Editor's Pick. News Realme Narzo 10 price in India tipped to be under Rs 15, News Redmi K30 Pro 5G price, camera and display details revealed online. News Coronavirus: Hackers are using the pandemic to spread malware. Related Topics Spyware WhatsApp. Related Stories. News WhatsApp creates an information hub to fight coronavirus fake news. Oh wait I found a tutorial First trigger: "java scripts". Oh btw: did you know that android studio gives the best error messages? You are the If anybody has any advice on what to use instead, please go ahead.

And you better not tell me how good you are at android studio. Before anyone starts going batshit crazy, this is NOT a windows hate post. Just a funny experience imo.

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  4. So I was tasked with installing ProxMox on a dedicated server at my last internship. The windows admin was my guider he could also do debian. Fair enough, what would we use? I suggested debian and centos. Then we started discussing what we'd do if the systems would fuck up etc at installation or whatever. So I didn't wanna look like a Linux Nazi so I suggested windows. We're not going to fucking use windows for this. For general servers etc sometimes, fair enough but we're talking about sensitive company data here.

    We're using Linux, end of discussion. Linux it became. FAC: Hey how did you set up your microservices?

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    M: I used docke FAC: But docker is hard to setup, i want an easier option 2. FAC: Which services do you have? M: I have one service for the api, one with redi.. FAC: Redis is not a service 3. M: No, in set up my ow.. FAC: why would you set up your own? I just use the one from AWS. FAC: 5 replicas? That's why i hate microservices,they are costly 5. FAC: How did you divide up your app?

    M: Since I am starting, its better to run the monolithic and then break it up lat FAC: I knew it,you don't actually use microservices 6. I'm starting to get really fucking fed up with people always, whenever I see someone including myself mentioning that an open source solution which is an alternative to a closed source one, saying that it's shit. I've had countless encounters on here also irl where someone mentions that an open source solution GIMP or Libre Office for example is shit by default while they've maybe or probably?

    I'm definitely not saying that those open solutions are perfect. Why is that?

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    It's a valid reason. Maybe not for you but we're not talking about you right now. So why go into "it's no match for proprietary alternatives" mode right away? It actually is, as you see in the examples above. Maybe, maybe not, maybe they're missing some and maybe they even have some features which the proprietary alternatives don't have, I haven't checked out every feature. I usually don't work for indian clients.

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    But when I do, they make sure I don't get paid. Me: No, but I am good at python. Client: My boss wants me to find a guy who can create barcode generator for erpnext. Me: I can use pyBarcode to do it. This is exciting I thought. I get to learn a new framework. Start working on it. Not an hour passes by, Client: hey can you remove this menu item?

    Me: Which one? Client: Also can you add the dashboard icons to left sidebar? Like Odoo? Do you know it? It is also python based. Me: Then why don't you just use Odoo instead? Client: My boss wants it. He doesn't understand computers. He is pissing mr off. Me: Then how come he suggested erpnext? Client: His friend told him. But I finish the barcode stuff. Tripple check everything to make sure they work. Tell him to check so I can get paid. Guy asks his boss to check.

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    Client: I actually tested everything and they work. My boss doesn't know how to use it. He is very old. Makes me make more changes and finally when I ask for the work done so far, Client: Boss didn't come to office today. I'll get you paid. Please try to understand my situation. Me thinking, "mofo your boss didn't hire me,l.

    You did". No reply. Set his skype status to "Away" forever. I fucking wish there was a mafia I can request to collect my fucking money from them. Got a call from a recruiter today. Keep in mind that using WhatsApp is about a requirement over here.

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    R: so can I app you I hate that word to the fucking point with further details?