Celebrating 20 Years

Hello Fellow Cast Members,

It has been a rather exciting past few months since I got the call from Lori that the results were in and the new STAGE Board of Directors officially was announced.  I have had a very enlightening past with STAGE and now, more than ever, I am becoming more and more grateful for it.  Back in 2007 I was a Professional Intern for the Disney Learning Center when one of my coordinators said to me, “You should get on the email list for this Theatre club.”  Not long after, I was answering an email from the group that was looking for more males to join the ensemble for the musical in production, No No Nanette.  Having done the show in high school, I thought it was worth a shot and the next thing I knew, I was in.

Almost two years later, I found myself at Kilimanjaro Safari gathering friends to be part of a staged reading for a play I had written in college that had been approved by the STAGE board.  I was suddenly amongst friends and coworkers that were thrilled to be a part of something so unique and fun and I had rediscovered one of my biggest passions, directing. 

It was about another year after that when STAGE approved my play for a full run and I encountered my biggest directing challenge yet, directing a cast of Walt Disney World Cast Members.  Here at WDW, we all work completely different hours and jobs that range from one end of the work spectrum to the other.  Trying to pull off a full-length play consisting of Cast Members with those work schedules is next to impossible.  Fortunately, I suddenly found myself surrounded by a family of support and positive energy and we pulled off the show.  Granted this took place in a conference room above Downtown Disney Cast Services and we had so many cast changes, I even ended up in the show.  Nevertheless, it reminded me of one of the basic principals of Theatre that I learned from my high school drama teacher, Mrs. Aramowicz, “The only thing you need for Theatre is an audience and a performance… everything else is simply an accessory”.  That could not be more true with what we do. 

We here at STAGE are a very unique group.  We strive to provide Theatre for both audiences and performers and we do so at the most magical place on earth.  We also do so with strange performance spaces, late rehearsal hours, and shows that range from Broadway to brand new works that have never been seen before.  But regardless of the strange performance venues or the unorthodox schedules, we are reminded that STAGE is possible because we all have chosen to work and live our lives somewhere special, a place that changes people’s lives each and every day and we are here to do the same for our performers and audiences.

Please join us in celebrating the past twenty years of growth and expression from current and former Cast Members as we produce shows that have given significant weight to the theatrical community over the decades and we set out to provide more opportunities to Cast Members than ever before.