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It serves us with multiple benefits that makes it different from other devices. You need to engage your time in preparing delicious food with different kitchen stuff but the microwave works like an extra hand. Higher wattage of a microwave oven, higher will be cooking speed. Almost most tempting dishes get prepared in at least watts.

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The microwave oven must be in between watts to ensure proper cooked or baked food must check your model power. It is better to purchase a microwave oven having a blend of the feature of both mechanical and touch panel control. This is the most important feature that must be considered while buying a microwave oven.

Especially for kids, this option is most essential as it prevents mishappening and accidents. A microwave oven is gaining popularity in the world of electrical appliances. It works as an assistant chef in cooking flavorsome meals within a few minutes. Today, it has become a heartthrob appliance, Especially for chefs and households.

It performs functions of grilling, baking, reheating and many more. Enhance your mastery in cooking with the astonishing appliance. Welcome this magical appliance and fill your cooking experience with exciting benefits. Grab information from K2 Appliances about the best microwave oven in India The Realme X has created tremendous buzz in the budget smartphone segment, and it has been widely reported that Realme has shipped over 10 million phones in the last 14 months. To be able to grow as fast as Realme has done as a company is a testament to their continuous drive to provide good-quality phones at dirt cheap prices.

The main reason for their tremendous success has been their mantra of using less expensive but durable materials and providing kick-ass features at half the prices quoted by others for the same technology. Their 1 st product for the Indian market was the Realme 1 which proved to be very big success followed by the Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro along with various other models.

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Realme has quickly, in a very short span of time, made a very successful foray into the Indian market and has occupied a comfortable position as one of the most exciting brands right now. Their phones are always packed with features that defy the price tag and make their peers scratch their heads! The Realme X had just map dragon chipset processor with a water drop notch.

It charges very fast supported by VOOC3. The Realme X has a big screen with a 6. The phone has good and easy grip because of the curved rear panel. It has a glass panel and glossy making it attractive in two gradient shades, in a combination of blue and purple hues and the other with the combination of white and pink. The Realme X is a large phone thus the makers have designed to place the power and volume buttons near the centre of the frame for easy reachability. At the top centre of the frame is the place where the selfie camera pops out.

It is a dual sim device and has a SIM tray that can hold two Nano sims cards. The storage cannot be expanded, though the phone comes with a small storage of 64GB. The users may miss the lack of an SD card. These cases and covers are super easy to install i. The Realme X is a beautiful phone.

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The gradient looks gorgeous, and the black at the middle causes the edges to shine a lot. Even the power button is highlighted in red, along with the pop-up selfie camera. Honestly, I would hate anything to happen to this stunning phone. And in times like this, a case seems to be one of the most obvious solutions. Not only does it save the phone from the outside elements but also helps you grip the phone better.

The smartphones are made of delicate parts and even a single fall can chip off the screen or damage the device which is why there is always a need to protect your valuable smartphones with a back cover which gives it complete protection and protects it from any external damage. Apart from making your phone look great, the back covers for RealMe X are something that protects your phone every time it falls.

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The new plain fabric Realme X Back Covers are made of the best and only from genuine fabric materials. They are stylish in design and are waterproof and sweatproof, thus providing you with ample usability. The plain fabric Realme X back covers come in 3 colours: light grey, blue and black. The plain fabric covers are single coloured with a plain and elegant design that people have loved for ages. The black cover is completely blacked out, with the cloth texture providing a simple yet elegant look.

The blue covers are mild and pleasing to the eyes and they come with a black strip on the sides. And the light grey covers are suitable for someone who likes a stealth look for their phones but also finds the black covers too dark. These cases are slim and form-fitting to the phone. They are great for flaunting your personality. Overall the case fits excellently and offers a premium feel. The crux of this case is its dual-layer and dual-colour design. While the outer shell is built using a hard polycarbonate, the inner layer is made of soft TPU to absorb the brunt of falls.

It is wear-resistant, anti-skidding, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and easy to clean. This one looks really beautiful and offers good protection. The case has full coverage and it has shock absorption corners. The case has a perfect cut-out for ports and speakers. The cut-outs for the camera and buttons have been carefully designed and curated keeping in mind the sleek design of the phone and the look of the fabric cover as well so that protection of the phone is not neglected for in the name of good looks. The slim design of the cover hugs the phone tightly and accentuates the original look and design of the Realme X.

The canvas fabric Realme X Back Covers are ones to be stunners. They immediately stand out amongst a crowd and are a magnet for compliments. They will protect the phone against any shocks and bumps. Customers who have bought this case have praised it for its excellent fit and near-perfect cut-outs. Almost all the ports and buttons are accessible without any issue. The button covers are not hard and provide good feedback.

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  4. There are raised lips along the side edges so that your hands do not come directly in contact with the edges of the tempered glass. It also comes with corner protection which reduces the brunt of impact during falls and drops. Moreover, the edges are slightly raised to protect the front screen from scruffs and unnecessary scratches. The canvas fabric covers are meant for durability and usability and provide ample grip while holding the phone with your hand and also prevent the phone from slipping off any glassy or slippery surfaces.

    These covers are perfect for harsh use and are ideal for somebody who is an outside individual and adores going trekking and different gutsy exercises. Internet the mother of all connections is the reason you and I are even able to have this one on one, today. I am a follower, are you?

    From searching up a term for whatever we feel or think to creating a new one. Internet preserves the past alongside giving way to millions of possibilities for the future generations. Cables that connect our computers to the internet are pretty outdated.

    They need to be of high quality if we need a blazing fast internet connection…but when we are choosing one from our ISP — how do we know that the one they are providing to us is for sure the best quality? This is why we need WiFi routers and not just any routers — we need good WiFi routers that can be afforded and would provide us with maximum magnitude. A router with a wide range is surely what we all need but oh my gosh — have you checked out the prices?

    Literally like touching the sky! I searched for a reasonable and good router for myself and it took me months to come across the type I desired. That is when it clicked me that — we all need to know this. It was only then when I actually decided that I need to share my Intel on them with you guys as well. Here are a few tips that would help you find the perfect little WiFi router ever and make your life a living heaven on earth!

    Wifi routers come in all shapes and sizes; therefore it is essential for you to check their features before putting your finger on any of them. Thus, just look for these five points in whatever router you choose. Trust me you would be happy not just monetarily but emotionally as well. Over the past few years, innovations in 3D technology have gained adequate acceptance across the globe. Furthermore, it has lowered the cost of various equipment, making them easily accessible, which eventually increased its demand, especially in the automobile and transportation sector. The designers and engineers have adopted ways to develop automobiles that could reduce emissions, consume less fuel, and offer a pleasurable driving experience to the drivers and passengers.

    Along with other advantageous technologies, 3D technology will now be accepted for cars as well.


    Recently, Jaguar, a British car manufacturer announced that it will add 3D movie screens in their upcoming cars. The stereoscopic 3D technology would improve safety and increase depth judgments while driving. Moreover, the screen will provide 3D infotainment for the passengers along with information for the drivers.

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