Sarah Hayes and Ebony North
The House of Bernarda Alba 2014
The House of Bernarda Alba
Written by Federico Garcia Lorca
Aug 01 - Aug 04, 2014
Disney’s Contemporary Resort - Ballroom of the Americas

Death and grief can drive some to extremes.

Upon her second husband's death, domineering matriarch Bernarda Alba imposes a seven-year mourning period on her household, in accordance with her family tradition. Bernarda has five daughters, aged between 20 and 39, whom she has controlled inexorably and prohibited from any form of relationship. The mourning period further isolates them and tension mounts within the household.

The House of Bernarda Alba is a play by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. Commentators have often grouped it with Blood Wedding and Yerma as a "rural trilogy". Lorca did not include it in his plan for a "trilogy of the Spanish earth" (which remained unfinished at the time of his murder).

Lorca described the play in its subtitle as a drama of women in the villages of Spain. The House of Bernarda Alba was Lorca's last play, completed on June 19, 1936, two months before Lorca's death during the Spanish Civil War. The play was first performed in 1945. The play centers on the events of a house in Andalusia during a period of mourning, in which Bernarda Alba (aged 60) wields total control over her five daughters Angustias (39 years old), Magdalena (30), Amelia (27), Martirio, (24), and Adela (20). The housekeeper (La Poncia) and Bernarda's elderly mother (María Josefa) also live there.

The deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action helps build up the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout the play. Pepe "el Romano", the love interest of Bernarda's daughters and suitor of Angustias, never appears on stage. The play explores themes of repression, passion, and conformity, and inspects the effects of men upon women.

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THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA by Federico Garcia Lorca
Adapted in English by Emily Mann
A Drama About Women in the Villages of Spain

A masterpiece of modern theatre, THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA was written in 1936, just before the start of the Spanish Civil War. The play takes place in a small village in southern Spain following the funeral of Bernarda Alba’s second husband. After the mourners depart, the tyrannical matriarch announces to her five daughters that their mourning will last eight years. Obsessed with family honor, Bernarda rules the household with an iron fist, but all of her daughters secretly harbor a passion for Pepe el Romano, the handsomest man in the village. The eldest daughter, Angustias, is engaged to him, but the arrangement is a financial one, and it is the youngest daughter, Adela, who becomes his lover. When the truth finally breaks through the atmosphere of suppressed desire, jealous, anger, and fear, the consequences are tragic.

According to Lorca, this play is intended as photographic document.

Auditions June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at 7:00PM with possible callbacks June 4th. Auditions will be held at the Disney's All-Star Cast Services Building. Auditions are open to Cast, Crew, and Imagineers of the Walt Disney Company.

No need to prepare anything, actresses will be reading from sides. Come dressed to move. You may be asked to sing.


Looking to cast 13-14 woman. This is an all female cast, no male actors will be seen at the audition. We are looking for girls of all nationalities, sizes, types, ages for the show.

All roles are available.

BERNARD ALBA – the iron fisted matriarch of the family. Strong, vicious, uses her cane for a sense of power to control the inhabitants of her home.

MARIA JOSEFA – Bernarda’s mother. Locked away from the outside world due to her apparent insanity, but may be the wisest of all the women in the house. Requires singing.

ANGUSTIAS – The oldest of Bernarda’s daughters, and Bernarda’s only from her first marriage. Frail, timid, sickly. Engaged to Pepe el Romano.

MAGDELENA – The second oldest of Bernarda’s daughters. Dry sense of humor, her late father’s favorite daughter

AMELIA – The middle daughter. A confidant to Martirio. Sweet and simple.

MARTIRIO – Bernarda’s fourth daughter. Vengeful, jealous of Adela, in love with Pepe el Romano and will do whatever it takes to win his love. 

ADELA – Bernarda’s youngest daughter. Spirited, free, wanting to escape the confinement of her mother’s prison. Having an affair with Pepe el Romano

MAID – A long-standing servant in the Alba home. In love with Antonio Maria Benevides, the late second husband of Bernarda Alba

LA PONCIA – a maid in the home and Bernarda Alba’s confidant. Loves gossip and has a keen sense for what’s really going on behind closed doors.

PRUDENCIA – an old friend of Bernarda Alba’s.



  • James Cougar Canfield ... Director
  • Alyssa Markfort ... Stage Manager
  • Zackery Yarborough ... Costume Manager
  • Robert Wilson ... Technical Advisor
  • Ilan Borowski ... Lighting Operator
  • Stephen Lee ... Music, Audio Operator
  • Nicole McBee ... Properties Master
  • Andy Hartley ... Publicity Design, Photographer
  • Ashlie Anctil ... Videographer
  • Janelle Rattray ... Casting Assistant
  • Sarah Hayes ... Bernarda Alba
  • Cat Chapman ... Maria Josefa
  • Chelsea James ... Angustias
  • Jen Manning ... Magdelena
  • Mandi Garofalo ... Amelia
  • Tierney Jones ... Martirio
  • Ebony North ... Adela
  • Heather Kennelly ... Maid
  • Lindsey June ... La Poncia
  • Irene Gallin ... Prudencia
  • Patricia Liu ... Beggar Woman
  • Gyscha Rendy ... Little Girl
  • Stephanie Rodock ... Woman in Mourning
  • Tracey Weaver ... Woman in Mourning