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Of course, this same ability to track your movements has downsides, particularly if you don't like the idea of the government following your movements or coffee shops flooding your phone with coupons as you walk by. But with today's privacy push, it's likely phone makers won't let devices track your phone without your permission. It joins a handful of other processors Apple has developed, including the A series that powers iPhones and iPads , the M series for detecting phone motion and the T series that handles Touch ID and other security duties on Macs.

Apple didn't mention the U1 in its iPhone 11 launch event Tuesday, but it does on its website. It's like adding another sense to iPhone," Apple says. And that's just the beginning. Apple only promises UWB links between its own devices for now. But UWB standardization should open up a world of other connections, and software tweaks should let Apple adapt as UWB standards mature. The effort is the culmination of years of work evident in several UWB patents.


That includes patents for shaping UWB pulses for more accuracy in distance measurements , using a phone, watch or key fob location to enter and start a car , calculating your path toward a car so your car can send your phone a request for biometric authentication, and letting Bluetooth and UWB cooperate to grant you access to your car. Confusingly, those companies have banded together into two overlapping industry groups, the UWB Alliance formed in December and the FiRa Consortium short for "fine ranging" that formed in August.

Apple isn't listed as a member of either. Each are working on standards to ensure UWB devices work together properly, but there are some differences. The idea behind UWB has been around for decades -- indeed, the University of Southern California established an ultra wideband laboratory called UltRa in Some of the concepts date back to radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, Harrington says. UWB devices send lots of very short, low-power pulses of energy across an unusually wide spectrum of radio airwaves.

UWB's low-power signals cause little interference with other radio transmissions. UWB sends up to 1 billion pulses per second -- that's 1 per nanosecond. By sending pulses in patterns, UWB encodes information. It takes between 32 and pulses to encode a single bit of data, Harrington said, but given how fast the bits arrive, that enables data rates of 7 to 27 megabits per second.

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We plan to aggregate the best iPhone 11 deals below. Pre-orders for the new iPhone 11 series open at am PT on Sep.

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Full availability starts Sept. To compare the different iPhone 11 models, go here. Once you decide which one you want, browse where they're available as well as the pre-order deals available at each place:. Go to Apple's website for more details. But you must do this transaction in-store, and the gift card can only be used toward the purchase of a new iPhone. Sam's Club said customers will be able to pre-order the phones from Sept.

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All major carriers are participating in the offer. Sprint is offering the iPhone 11 through its Sprint Flex Lease program. This deal requires Sprint's month installment agreement and a new watch plan activation, as well as one active phone on an account. But you have to sign up for a month service plan.

T-Mobile's trade-in program is available to current and new customers. You'll need to pay for the new iPhone on a monthly device payment plan and open a new unlimited line. ZDNet explains here how and where you can trade your old phone. For more great deals on devices, gadgetry, and tech for your enterprise, business, or home office, see ZDNet's Business Bargain Hunter blog. Affiliate disclosure: ZDNet may earn a commission from some of the products featured on this page. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy.

Offline support for Find My is a great way to find a lost device but it also makes for a better theft deterrent. We know even if your iPhone is turned off, the Find My app will still be able to locate it. That certainly is a great feature if it gets lost. But, it also raises a concerning question: can Apple stil track you even when your phone is off? Yes, they can. There is one caveat to this whole ordeal though, in order to find your lost iPhone, you'll need another connected Apple device to locate your lost phone.

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The second Apple device is the one that has the key to decrypt the location of your offline device. This data is kept encrypted and needs a key from another one of your devices in order to begin the location process.

So, they can track your phone when it's off, but that's good news! You'll be able to locate your phone even if it's dead or has been turned off. Also, you don't have to take their statement at face value, they built it into the privacy framework of Find My.

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  • Every Apple device emits a perpetually changing encryption key to all nearby Apple devices via Bluetooth signals. They unlock the encrypted location of each device. Once they are picked up, the signals act as a beacon. All the devices send and receive these Bluetooth keys constantly. When your iOS device sends out a signal, the nearby devices upload the location of your device, still fully encrypted.