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Just remember that the individual you're conversing with will also need to have RCS, otherwise the conversation will fall back to old-fashioned SMS. If you haven't received said notification but would still like to check for your own peace of mind, you can do so within Android Messages' settings. At the top, you'll find a sub-menu labeled Chat settings. Tap it, and you'll be able to see whether or not your device is supported. If it is, you should be able to simply toggle it on and get connected. This menu also contains other settings, to enable or disable aspects like read receipts and typing indicators.

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Now that RCS is making its way to all Android devices, the standard faces a very promising future. That said, there's still a pretty big thorn in its side: Apple. However, iMessage only works between iPhones — and that exclusivity has made it a marquee feature in Cupertino's handsets.

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However, Apple is reportedly turning the corner on enabling RCS. The GSMA consortium of mobile carriers has apparently begun talks with Apple to bring RCS Universal Profile to its products, according to a slide from a presentation that surfaced on Reddit in early At the very least, that means you won't have to wait quite as long sending and receiving messages with "green bubble" friends, and you'll be able to enjoy full resolution media as well.

However, RCS will not employ end-to-end encryption as iMessage and many other internet-based communication platforms do. To get answers to your burning tech questions, head to the Tom's Guide Forum for the latest tips from our resident experts and your fellow members. You can also comment on this article or email us directly at helpme tomsguide. Tom's Guide. When will you get RCS? What about iPhones? Topics Smartphones.

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See all comments 3. Your info on Fi is wrong. Kind of like saying email would be replaced, yet it is still used all the time. While change is good, not all changes are good. Your step by step for verifying RCS is incorrect.

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I have the PIxel 3 and Verizon. The partner is responsible for setting up and maintaining an ELS Endpoint that can receive ELS location messages whenever a user contacts an official, publicly recognized emergency number. ELS location information is sent only when the user contacts emergency services. Location is computed locally on the handset and sent directly to an endpoint maintained by the ELS partner; Google does not get the emergency location.

In many countries today, emergency call centers only receive cell-based location, with a location radius on the order of kilometers. In other countries, location during emergency calls is estimated using GPS, falling back to cell -- but GPS only works well in good satellite line-of-sight conditions i.

With ELS, when a user contacts a configured emergency number from a handset, the device automatically activates ELS to send location information. This happens via a high accuracy location request that is registered with the Android Fused Location Provider. FLP allows us to derive a more accurate indoor or outdoor location as quickly as possible using a variety of sensors. We are always working to improve the quality of our location services, and while no one can guarantee completely accurate location data, in general, we have found that ELS can be significantly faster and more accurate than location obtained through cell towers and GPS alone during an emergency.

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The location provided by ELS is the same location seen on Android devices every day, through Google Maps and other location based apps and services. It is the partner's responsibility to create and maintain the endpoint. Data SMS is a subset of the SMS protocol which allows for binary data to be sent to specific ports at endpoints it has nothing to do with a cellular 'data' connection.

In most countries, existing emergency center infrastructure can be utilized, and in many cases, one endpoint is sufficient to utilize ELS in an entire country.